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Welcome to York Heat Pumps and the YKF range of residential heat pumps.

Welcome to YORK Residential Heat Pumps

The use and adoption of Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) has now become a mainstream conversation in determining the best approach when it comes to home heating and hot water supply.

The increasingly inflationary movement in energy prices, together with the need for certainty of supply whilst significantly reducing the amount of harmful emissions we generate (gas central heating systems are one of the major contributors to the production of harmful greenhouse gases in the UK) are all factors that have accelerated the move to adopt Air Source Heat Pumps as a clean and sustainable alternative.

At YORK, we know that this is an area where many homeowners and even some installers need help and support to know they are making the right choices when selecting their products and systems – and we are here to help.

Leading manufacturer YORK (one of the largest manufacturers of Heat Pump technology in the world), together with our nationwide network of approved installers are available to give you the comfort and confidence to know you are making the right choices for your situation.

Please take the time to look through the many useful facts and detail on our site, or if you’d like to ask us a particular question, please get in touch.


York Heat Pumps are perfect for new builds or property upgrades, you can harness the future of heating and cooling with an incredibly efficient year-round energy source. 


We have experienced technical and design capability to help you through each stage of your project, giving you the confidence to specify and use the YORK YKF Range of residential ASHP’s


We believe that for all Air Source Heat Pump installers, whatever level of experience you have – we have a support package that can give you all the elements you are looking for.


Why Choose a YORK Heat Pump?

Every one of us is becoming more mindful of our impact on the planet and with CO2 emissions and energy prices at an all-time high, we’re all beginning to feel the effects of climate change. Property owners are seeking new ways to make their homes and businesses more efficient and sustainable and for developers, it is only a matter of time before they need to provide and install eco-friendly alternatives to gas boilers. 

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With energy prices at an all time high, there has never been a better time to switch to a more efficient method of controlling the temperature within a home or commercial property.

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