YORK YKF Air Source Heat Pump

Our high-quality range of Heat Pumps from YORK

The YORK YKF - A Premium Air Source Heat Pump

Developed by one of the world’s leading manufacturers of precision engineered, environmentally friendly appliance product ranges, YORK YKF range of residential heat pumps continues to build upon the pedigree and heritage that users have come to expect over many years. 

YORK have established a UK support function with in group engineering experience built over 4 decades, you have both products and support service you can rely upon. 

YORK Air Source Heat Pumps offer heating, cooling and domestic hot water in one system

The YORK YKF is an integrated system that provides space heating and cooling as well as domestic hot water, offering a complete, all-year-round solution which can remove the need for traditional gas or oil boilers, or work together with.

  • The outside air is a renewable source of energy
  • DC inverter technology enables high energy efficiency
  • Sufficient heating capacity at low ambient temperatures (even at-25°C)
  • Provide space heating, cooling and domestic hot water, total heat solution
  • Compatible with other heat sources such as solar

Direct Current (DC) Inverter Technology

The amount of heating and cooling required changes through the year. The motors traditionally used in heat pumps run at full power even during part-load operation, wasting energy. YORK’s YKF products use DC inverter technology, which allows precise control of motor speed, ensuring that only the power necessary to perfectly match the real load is used.

High energy efficiency

Thanks to improved motor and drive efficiency of the DC inverter technology, the YKF twin rotary DC inverter compressor uses 30% less power than traditional scroll compressors while also giving a wider operating frequency range, enabling precise control and reducing running noise levels.

Stable water temperature improves comfort

Precise control of the compressor speed ensures that the water temperature is maintained within a much smaller range around the set temperature than is possible with non-inverter systems.

Quick start-up

The inverter system output power closely matches the energy demand by adjusting motor frequency, so it possible to achieve comfort conditions in less time than a system without inverter.

Less frequent start/stop

The ability to vary compressor speed (as opposed to simple on/off control) means that the compressors experience fewer start/stop cycles which expands compressor lifespan and reduces noise.

Quiet operation

Most of the time, the capacity required for heating/cooling is lower than the peak load condition, meaning that heat pumps work under part-load conditions most of the time. With DC inverter compressors adjusting rotation speed according to the actual load requirement, noise levels are lower than with traditional compressor technology.

A flexible system

The YKF range offers flexibility to install the hydronic components indoors or outdoors. With YKF Mono, the hydronic components are integrated into the outdoor unit, offering ease of installation. With YKF Split the hydronic components are contained in a separate hydronic box for indoor installation. Both the Mono and Split products are rated A+++ on the energy efficiency and make a significant contribution to limiting the impact on the environment.

Smartphone app control

  • Remote control function
  • Check the running state, change zones, operation mode and temperature
  • Set operation mode and temperature of each zone
  • Display fault information

User interface

  • Attractive touch-key wired controller.
  • Check running parameters in real time.
  • Communication wire length customizable up to 150m.
  • Built-in temperature sensor.
  • Modbus protocol and network flexibility.

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